Numipulator Links
Numipulator Links
The Numipulator system for you to try online.
Download Numipulator
Download Numipulator onto your own device.
Download Numipulator Help
Download Numipulator Help onto your own device (even though Help is incorporated into Numipulator).
A Paper on Numipulator: Element Reference Programming and Fun with Numipulator.
Browser Information
Differences between web browsers affecting your use of Numipulator.
Format Codes
Details of the format codes used in the Animation Zone and the Graphics Formatter to determine directly the cell displays.
Programming in Numipulator
Includes some fully worked examples of programming in Numipulator, which is an example of declarative programming.
Unusual Features of Numipulator
Includes item-by-item list handling, handling tables, handling numerical expressions, the syntax of lists, and interchangeability of numbers and lists, If-Then-Else types and lack of features found in other programming languages.
Programming with Numipulator: Issues and Support
Describes some of the issues of programming with Numipulator, and also some of the support features such as Flow and Values.
Programming with Functions
Discusses why Numipulator programming should be described as Programming with Functions rather than Functional Programming, and also makes comparisons with spreadsheet programming.
State in Numipulator: Memory Numipulation Boxes
Describes how Memory numipulation boxes ares used to handle state changes in Numipulator.
Numipulator Processing Engine
Outlines, with diagrammatic support, the Processing Engine of Numipulator and its relationship to its Function Evaluation and management of state.
Numipulator Standalone Maker app
An app to create standalone browser apps from the programs you develop in Numipulator, which can be shared with others.
Download Numipulator Standalone Maker app
Download the Standalone Maker app to your device./dd>
Numipulator Standalone Apps
Links to many standalone apps produced in Numipulator, mainly games and puzzles.
Numiplets shared by others
Some numiplets (app code) shared by users of Numipulator
Submit your Numiplet for others
Share your own programs with others
Resources page
Resources to support your programming, including family-friendly word lists for word/letter games.
Numipulator videos on YouTube
Includes a Numipulator Introduction and Numipulator 1-5 videos. Make sure you play them in the order 1-5, which the Playlist Numipulator Tutorial helps you to do.

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